Seven reasons why hiring a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka is more profitable.

You surely are aware of the importance of Digital Marketing for your business but does it feel like you can do better? Read on! As the world rapidly moves into a digital space, it is time for us to take our businesses out there at the same speed. Marketing can be one of the most tricky endeavors you need to deal with in your business; if you spend too much the finance team is out there to get you but if there’s not enough revenue at the end of the financial year the management is on to you. Now you get why it is tricky?!  Understanding why digital marketing is important is crucial to draft a concise digital marketing plan.

This is not a guide to why you should work with one of us (any digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka of your choice), but to help you figure out if choosing digital marketing is the best way forward to drive your business objectives.

Nevertheless, investing and maintaining marketing projects within the company can be challenging due to multiple reasons such as;

  • Resources – Internal staff’s and your time could be heavily limited.
  • Expense – Are you confident you can bring in the expected ROI with the resources you have?
  • Expertise – Digital marketing field is like Covid; it mutates, it varies, it changes and it grows while you are in sleep. So how do you plan to keep up to date?

You also have to address different channels of digital marketing to achieve your business objectives and each channel requires different components to succeed, like below.

Marketing ChannelWhat is neededObjectives
Social media marketing• Writing copy
• Knowledge of dimensions and uniqueness of each platform
• Designing posts and creating videos
• Publishing at the most optimal time
Primarily for brand awareness and engagement (But by coupling with performance marketing can lead to sales and lead-generation)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)• Extensive keyword research
• Blog writing
• Link building
• Monitoring keyword changes and competitor activities
Intent harnessing and likely to increase revenue
Performance marketing• Knowledge of the best practices on each advertising platform such as Facebook ads, Google ads and LinkedIn ads.
• Regular ad and bid optimisations for most cost-effective results
Sales and Lead-generation
SMS and Email marketing• Writing copy for the ads
• Designing the emails
• Creating tracking method
• Email engine management
Brand awareness and drive results among segmented audiences (For example - targeting the audience who bought recently with an offer)
Website management and optimisation• A developer for text and image updates
• Uploading blog articles to your website
• Keeping the website speed and performance optimised
Brand awareness, sales and lead generation

Therefore, to handle all of the above, you have to build an effective form of marketing strategy which requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise. However, a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka is already equipped with resources to efficiently carry out a digital marketing strategy to help your business flourish.       

You can focus on growing your business.

You may have to give your undivided attention to several aspects of your business like finances, management, and sales to make sure your business is up and running. Amidst all these responsibilities, taking care of marketing within the company could be a daunting task. You will have to put in a lot of your time, effort, and money in building a digital marketing strategy that would best suit your industry, devise plans to do your campaigns, relate your marketing content to the current norms and values and make sure your content strategy drives traffic and sales. In order to skillfully accomplish your marketing goals, you will also have to hire a team, train them and spend time with them to build and keep your campaigns running. However, a digital marketing company can lift the weight off your shoulders. All you need to do is provide a comprehensive marketing brief for them to develop a strategic marketing plan.

Save up your money

You will have to make a sizable investment to manage an in-house marketing team. For example, if Arona Digital is to manage your account, there would be a team comprising a strategist, designer, copywriter, account manager and community and inquiry manager. Now, how much will that cost you to hire them in-house? While our packages are starting from just Rs.100,000 and we are open for negotiations. Getting the help of a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka is a lot more cost-effective. You will be able to get digital marketing services at a minimal cost. You may utilise the money you have to spend on managing a whole marketing team in developing other areas of your business. As a digital marketing agency is an independent contractor, you do not have to maintain payrolls, allowances, and other benefits for full-time employees.

Moreover, there is the added expense of expensive tools that are vital for marketing campaigns. You might have to purchase expensive tools like Hubspot, Semrush, and content marketing management software. It could be a one-time payment or a subscription that can drain your corporate funds. In comparison, a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka will have those tools so that you do not have to spend money on them.

An opportunity to work with field experts

When you are about to begin a campaign, hiring experts in digital marketing in Sri Lanka can be tricky. Leading firms hire the cream of the crop for the best pay; hence hiring digital marketing experts can be highly costly. You will require a lot of time and attention to hire someone who can lay down a solid foundation for your marketing goals. However, Arona Digital is the best digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka that will already have a team of experts with ample experience in crafting excellent digital marketing solutions and would know how to get kickstarted and help your business skyrocket in no time.

A digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka will take a unique approach to produce tailored content

Not all tactics and trends work for every company every day. Sometimes you might try to implement a popular marketing concept that might not be applicable to your business. A digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka can quickly identify these subtle nuances. They can figure out exciting techniques that can drive great results. They work to provide a fresh perspective that can help to increase customer engagement and eventually drive sales. If you already have a marketing strategy, they will carefully assess it and build content based on your customers’ interests. They can prove with statistics which media platforms your customers are more active and what content they will find most appealing.

Obtain an in-depth analysis of your industry

Doing thorough research on your industry before you get started on your campaign is highly important. You should also know and understand your competitors and the latest marketing tactics that would work well for your business and determine what the competitors are up to. At Arona Digital, we take time to identify the marketing efforts of our client’s competitors to understand what would work best for our clients. For example, we identify and uncover keywords, competitors’ ads, and other strategies and tactics used to generate traffic or conversions. A digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka will precisely identify the most relevant marketing practices that your business requires. They will conduct a thorough competitor analysis and take steps to understand your target audience, their behaviours, preferences, and interests. Based on the research findings, they will employ the latest digital marketing strategies to ensure promising results. Click here to get your website audited.

A digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka is your ideal choice to rely on a scalable service

Scalability is one of the most important aspects that must be considered to maintain a consistent online presence. Handling in-house marketing will come with an added cost as your business grows. To support the growth, you will have to hire more people and even purchase new tools, upgrade subscriptions and accessories for various purposes. A good digital marketing agency will be flexible and always cater to your growing needs. They already have the necessary human resources, online tools, and accessories to fuel the new development. Their plans and packages will provide enough opportunities to choose from to best suit your requirements.

Ensure measurable results

Every business wants to invest in marketing to make sure it allows them to reach a larger audience, increase their consideration and conversion rates and yours is no different. Digital marketing agencies can provide records of key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand how marketing campaigns are performing and supporting to achieve your business goals. Measuring the ROI of your digital marketing landscape could be daunting; you will have to hire an employee to keep track of the performances regularly. At Arona Digital, we provide a comprehensive real-time dashboard to keep track of your measured KPIs. Whatever marketing platforms you choose, reports will be provided, and agencies will share insights with you to optimise marketing efforts, lower expenses, and improve outcomes. 

Digital marketing has become a flourishing field that uplifts all sorts of businesses. Traders and company owners collaborate with digital marketing companies in Sri Lanka to promote their sales. These digital agencies in Sri Lanka will provide you with an opportunity to reach new heights. At Arona Digital, we employ a range of skilled and well-experienced SLIM/CIM qualified digital marketing professionals, business analysts, and content creators to produce distinctive marketing content to grow your business. Arona Digital is a leading digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka that prominently contributes to digital marketing in Sri Lanka. Get in touch with our team of experts at Arona Digital to kick start your digital marketing efforts.

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