Website Optimisation

We optimize the performance of WordPress and Shopify sites to make sure they load fast and your websites visitors don’t get annoyed.

Do you wait for a slow website to load or choose an alternative? 70% of people do the latter!

Learn About Our Website Optimisation Process

website optimisation

Why do you need a website Optimisation?

An important part of bringing you online success is to provide value and retain your customers for as long as possible on your website. But how to do so if all the time customer has is spent on waiting for the website to load? A major feature of slow will be a high bounce rate and many abandoned carts.

Website optimisation an existing site is extremely tricky and we carefully assess the code quality, plugins, themes and the associated media files. 

We will deliver a fast website that will lead to higher sales, conversions and higher ranking on search engines, as search engines also prefer fast websites.

Your website is going to be ready to roar!

Areas covered

Like we said earlier it is a tricky process as we will likely to have to clean up the code someone else has done. 

Therefore, we take preventive measures to make sure your website is unharmed during the process. 

During this meticulous process, we will assess the code quality, fix common security vulnerabilities, backup the site, optimise media, implement CDN and finally optimise the database. 

This process will provide you with the fastest and most secured version of your site, ever. 

Code Audit
Common Security Vulnerability Fix
Backup the site
Media Optimisation
Database Optimisation

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