Gowshik Sathiyasiva from PickMe joined SkillUp with Arona Digital

Gowshik Sathiyasiva Head of Marketing & Communications from PickMe joined SkillUp with Arona Digital today to provide valuable insight on the world of marketing agencies, crisis management and brand building.

He started the session by sharing a wealth of information from his days in marketing agencies and highlighted how the industry should concentrate on problem-solving over concentrating on ‘pretty’ designs. During this, he highlighted how he avoided many pitfalls by conducting market research. As he highlighted it could be as simple as knocking on the door and speaking to your neighbours.

As the conversation moved towards branding, he discussed how him and the team were laying the groundwork to build PickMe’s brand using the brand house concept. During this discussion, he highlighted further the situations in which good looking slogans and taglines would become insufficient in the long run; and that it is important to start from a clean slate if you were to make the customers forget the mistakes made in the past and guide them into the future as the brand wishes.

With the growing uncertainty of the occurrences around us, he brought to light the importance of the ability to face challenges and overcome crises. He took examples from PickMe which went through a fair share of crises in the recent past to break down his unique approach. We were in awe of how he made solving problems look so simple. 😍

PickMe being a forerunner in the dynamic tech world, his innovative mindset, customer-centric strategy and astonishing vision to take the entire industry by storm truly inspired us to drive forward. We would like to thank him for taking the time to share his wealth of knowledge with team Arona Digital. Team did not forget to take a selfie with the veteran. 

This is Arona Digital’s latest initiative to welcome experts from the industry to skill up the team and prepare ourselves to bring success to our clients in the year 2021 and beyond.

Gowshik from PickMe joined Skillup with Arona Digital

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