The brand marketing campaign for Supplement Warehouse


Client approached us citing that they had been in the industry for a long time in the B2C space and wanting to move in to B2C with a digital outreach.


Team Arona worked closely with Supplement Warehouse management to zero in on many opportunities to grow and listed as follows;

  • Lack of brand awareness
  • The logo didn’t induce authenticity company offered
  • Low website traffic

In general, we noticed the below as well;

  • The country as a whole had many fake products.
  • It is a price-sensitive market
  • Most customers preferred native language (Sinhalese).
brand marketing campaign


After analysing the situation, it was decided to launch a campaign as ‘Best quality, Best price’.

The rationale behind this was the self-explanatory attempt to establish the quality which the client could boast about while keeping the language accessible to the broader local audience.

Before the campaign was launched the client went through a branding overhaul with Arona and introduced the concept of a reward card for the first time in the industry.


The campaign had multiple levels of execution that saw stellar traction being created.

  1. In the first stage, data tracking tools were set up on the website to track user behaviour.
  2. Both the offline branches were provided with ample reward cards to delight the users.
  3. Retargeting ads were set up on social media as per the interest level of the users.
  4. Google search ads were executed to harness more user intent while targeting generic, competitor and brand related keywords.
Social media creative- Supplement Warehouse


During the month of April as the shops and roads were closed down, the client went from success to success in the peak of the campaign as a record number of online orders were completed.
This led to a Return on ad spend (ROAS) as high as 4006.41%.

In other words for every rupee spent, a revenue of rupees 4006 was amassed.

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