4 Don’ts of ECommerce Marketing


The traditional methods of doing business are gradually losing their charm, and the new generation of ambitious entrepreneurs are jumping on the upsurge of ecommerce marketing and online business – because if done correctly, it can lead your business to a whole new level. One of the critical aspects of growing an e-commerce business is effective in marketing and advertising. Reaching more audience, highly-targeted ones, in particular, can quickly boost an online store’s chances of improving brand awareness and sales. With various advertising options in your hand, setting up a social media Ad is quicker and a lot less expensive than traditional advertising practices. But still, why some businesses have failed to achieve e-commerce marketing goals? That is probably because they didn’t follow below four major don’ts:

Don’t Be Afraid to Spy on Your Competitors

E-commerce marketing is changing at a rapid speed. Doing what you’ve always done will mean you get abandoned. Keeping an eye on your competitors will show you what they’re up to and give you ideas to perform better or show you areas where you are better. Even if your contents are constant, your competitor may have a better approach. Whether it’s the hashtags they use, the length of their videos, or the celebrity they had on their campaigns, they might be doing it better than you. That is why competitor analysis is an essential part of developing a marketing strategy. Don’t worry; your competitors might be spying on you too.  But remember, spying is not about copying contents from your competitors; instead, it’s about better understanding their strategy and learning what works and what doesn’t, finding ways to improve your strategy with insights and discovering new opportunities for your business. 

2.Don’t always chase the latest Buzzword.

 Indeed, you should always be updated with the latest trends, topic and jargons to maintain audience engagement, whether you like it or not. But overusing it or keep changing your content strategy to fit in with the latest buzzwords will make you jump out of your goals and audience. It takes time to build an audience. So always remember what your audience knows and what they don’t.   Also, the Digital world is a weird place; at a point, it might speak positively about a topic, and the tables can turn in a flash, so choosing what trends, topics or buzzwords you are going to use is a vital role in an e-commerce marketing strategy.  

3.Don’t Fail to do Market Research Ecommerce Marketing.

Market research is an essential step in a successful e-commerce marketing effort, whether you are just starting a business, rebranding your business, launching a new product or service. When you fail to do ecommerce marketing research, you miss valuable opportunities to help your company enhance in the long run. Most successful business owners identify their markets, understand their competitors’ and customers’ wants and needs, and gather all the necessary material for their ecommerce marketing businesses to be competitive and effective. They know why people buy their products and services, not just when or where. Avoiding market research can result in indecision and inaction, fear of risk, or the truth and eventually lead to a business’s fall.

4.Don’t put features above strategy.

 It’s easy to be swiftly overwhelmed with your marketing efforts. It’s great if your audience of specific demographics gives you support and good reviews, but you can always think of the bigger picture.There are always voids in the market which need filling and always room to innovate something new. If a special day has passed and you are still trying to polish negligible design elements and have not done any marketing campaigns, then you are stuck in the vicious loop of features. Focus on more important aspects that increase the engagements, sales, and appeal because, without an effective strategy, your efforts to attract customers only with features are more likely to be inefficient. On the bottom-line, E-commerce marketing requires unique strategies and approaches to prove effective. Most of the time, given the absence of a physical store or location, customers’ need to feel assured and guaranteed when they enter into a business relationship and do transactions with these type of businesses. So knowing the Do’s and mostly Don’ts of E-commerce marketing is a significant aspect of a business.  

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